Principal's Message


    It has been twenty years since the establishment of our school in 1997. In pursuit of education development in Tung Chung, we have been upholding our mission of “Respecting Nature and Valuing Morality”, striving to cultivate our students to build up self-esteem, self-confidence and self-discipline, to love others and have a positive attitude on life. We have weekly moral education sessions for our teachers to explore different life issues with our students to guide them to construct positive values. Through diversified learning activities, we nurture our students’ positive thinking in leading an enriched life.
    We endeavor to develop arts education and provide our students with opportunities to be immersed in arts to develop their artistic disposition, and to enable them to extend their artistic vision and enhance their interest and sense of achievement in arts. We let our students experience arts and live in arts. Through our effort over these twenty years, it is pleasing to see arts education having been deeply rooted and developed in our school.
    Education is a process of continuous enhancement and development. Our school will keep up with the pulse of society, keep abreast of the times and enhance learning and teaching. We shall lead our students to explore, discover, and probe in the field of scientific research with an innovative mind to meet the needs of the community for talent and skills in the future.
    Our school staff are ready to face challenges and will spare no efforts in furthering education development. Since the establishment of our school, we have been striving to foster students’ good characters, and promote a caring and loving culture in building a caring school. We nurture our students to care for and serve the community, have a caring heart and let our students “grow in love, learn with care”, and live a positive and productive life.