Student Adaptive Learning System (SALS)

Our school participated in the project “Promoting Student Adaptive Learning at KS1” organized by the Education Bureau (EDB) in the 2018/19 school year. Our English teachers work collaboratively with EDB officers in developing a Student Adaptive Learning System (SALS) to provide online assessment tasks and questions and learning resources to promote student adaptive learning in English Language. During the project period, we collect evidence of student learning in Primary 1 in various forms including student’s performance in assessment tasks and questions from the SALS online platform. All the data and materials collected will be used for the purposes of enhancing learning and teaching, improving the design of SALS and promoting the use of SALS. Our English teachers and the NET had worked with officers from the SAL Team on the development of teaching plans placing a specific focus on the explicit learning and teaching of the reading skills and strategies. An online assessment platform “GoAdaptive” is used to assess student’s achievement of reading skills.

Designs for self-directed learning environment

Source of diagram of Zimmerman's Self-Regulated Learning:

  • Students played various roles in the Learning Man Programme to encourage others to achieve higher awards.
  • Students took part in the Learning Man Programme and actively collected more Learning Cards.
  • Primary One students enjoyed in the “Promoting Student Adaptive Learning” programme.