In response to the rapid societal changes and the developmental needs of students, we put emphasis on promoting students’ independent thinking and self-directed learning capabilities. When students are facing difficulties, they are able to identify the values involved, analyse the issues objectively, make reasonable judgements and take action accordingly. Then they are prepared for different challenges in their future life.

  • Rainbow Birthday Party

    Senior schoolmates play roles in Big Brothers Big Sisters programme and regularly held birthday parties for junior schoolmates to create a culture of love and warmth.
  • Love Yourself and your Community

    The school had regularly organized various cross-curriculum activities and strive to foster students having good characters. Through these activities, they would develop to good citizen with talents and moral qualities.
  • Happy Lunar New Year

    Every Lunar New Year, parents and teachers in our school wrote Lunar New Year scrolls for each student. Students brought and shared scrolls together with happiness at home.